DeNovo Toy Poodles

CH DeNovo Dog The Bounty Hunter

G. JoAnn Hare

Crossett, Arkansas

Phone: (870) 364-1853

E-Mail: gjhare@aol.com

My name is DeNovo Toy Poodles. I have been an avid AKC conformation poodle exhibitor/breeder for 20 years. I only have toy poodles and I only have red/apricot, black or hi-bred red/blk, which is all I can handle by myself. All my poodles are healthy and happy home raised and mostly shown by me. If I send a dog out to be handled it is very seldom and Martin Lavender is the only one I send to. Since Martin has recently cut back on showing other peoples dogs I will only send to someone he recommends.

Health Screening: Optigen tests, all puppies are stifle certified by my vet or they are not shown or bred. All my toy poodles are A/clear for PRA.

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