Amity Valley Kennels
AKC Breeder of Merit
(One of the FIRST Breeders of Merit)

CanIntCh Amity’s Babbling Brooke - "Brooke"

Anne M Seppo

2120 Jean Duluth Rd, Duluth, Minnesota 55804

Phone: 218-525-1289, Fax: 218-525-4671

E-Mail: amityvk@callta.com

Web Site: amitykennels.com

I started breeding miniatures in 1972 & toys in 1974. Prior to these years I had owned poodles that had seizures & PRA so I wanted to never have or EVER produce those genetic defects. I started having yearly Eye Clinics in 1974 & continue to this day.

I have produced nearly 200 conformation miniature & toy champions, most with more that one title & hundreds of performance titled. I show mostly in the US & Canada & International conformation shows. Because my poodles live with me, temperament is foremost before all else. If the dog isn't clean & fun loving it isn't a poodle. Generally my miniatures live up to 20 years of age. I want every poodle I produce to be someone's best friend like my show dogs are to me.

I prefer the unusual colors as the personalities & character traits are different with each color. Please ask me to email my booklet which has a section on the different colors. I have also written several articles on the different colors. Some of my minis do go oversized but nearly all of my toys mature to under 10" at the shoulder at one year of age. Besides a mini being a natural retriever, hunter & able to do almost anything a standard poodle can do, I think they should all look like a showdog with proper proportions & an attractive long muzzle. Like wise a toy should be a square, healthy attractive looking addition to your family.

All companion puppies are sold on my spay/neuter contract with my lifetime health & temperament guarantee.

Health Screening: Every toy or mini poodle of mine has to obtain at least one championship & must pass OFA hips, patella & ECR [the new CERF which I do yearly] & has the Optigen test done. I also do Cardio & Thyroid testing. I have been submitting hips x-rays to OFA since 1974 when I was told my mini male was going to be given a 'Good' since they had no other miniatures to compare him to. The following year I started submitting hips on my toys. I also do temperament testing on every puppy at 7 weeks of age. This helps evaluate which will be the best show dogs or performance dogs or the perfect pet for Grandma's lap.

My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed:

Am Can Int Ch Amity Mystical F.D.R.

Am Can Ch Ash's-Mystical Mama Mia Amity Queen

Can Ch Eriand Mystical Amity Gypsy Made

Am Can Ch Ash's-Mystical Hannah On Fire At Amity

Can Int Ch Amity’s Cassandra By April Bay

Am Can Ch Refinne Just Foolin' Around At Amity

Am Can Ch Amity's Lady Slipper

Am Can Int Ch Amity's Blue Water Lily

Can Int Ch Amity's Ghost Rider For Vera

Am Can Ch Amity Mystical Russian Blue At Snowed On

Can Ch Amity's Gez Louise

Can Int Ch Amity's Babbling Brooke

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