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Musique Standard Poodles is located in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota and began in 1986 with the addition of the first standard poodle to my dog family, Champion Lemerle Azure Colorific, "Ricky". Ricky epitomized the intelligent, loving and truly versatile nature of the breed and I was hooked. I have now competed for 30 years in canine conformation and performance events. I cannot think of another breed I would rather live, play and compete with.

On occasion, when I choose to have a litter, the utmost attention is paid to the decision making process. The health and temperament of this wonderful breed is of the highest priority. The puppies are raised in our home and countless hours are spent caring and socializing the puppies to give them the best start in life. Whether it is a beloved family pet, service dog, performance dog, or hunting dog, standard poodles have the ability to do it all!

Litters are infrequent at Musique Standard Poodles. When we are ready for our next show dog and family member, a litter is planned. This occurs at most once a year or perhaps every 2-3 years. Prior to breeding, the canine members of our family undergo careful evaluation and testing in accordance to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), Canine Health Information Center (CHIC), and Poodle Club of America (PCA) guidelines. Additionally, we also utilize the newly available genetic diversity testing from the University of California, Davis to help minimize diseases related to being "inbred". Beauty is a given, but producing healthy, loving, and versatile poodles is our true goal.

We encourage all those searching for a standard poodle to become well educated about the breed's attributes, needs, and health considerations. Know what questions to ask of your prospective breeder to ensure you are getting the right dog for you and that all the appropriate health testing, socialization, and veterinary care has been done to ensure that you are getting the best possible standard poodle. At Musique Standard Poodles, we will ask you questions to ensure one of our poodles is the right fit for you. Our puppies are forever part of our family and we wish to make sure their lives will be joyous, safe and healthy. All puppies are required to be spayed or neutered and come with a written health guarantee.

Health Screening: Hip OFA vWD NE CERF SA DM Cardiac Thyroid VGL diversity testing

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