Farleys D Standard
Farleys D Standard
AKC GCH Farleys D Xanadu
1st AKC GCH Apricot Standard in the US, and our 3rd BBE Apricot Standard Champion.
Shown exclusively by Farleys D Standard
Terence (Terry) R. Farley and John P. Dejo

Washington, Pennsylvania

Phone: 412-708-5345


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Farleys D Standard has been breeding and raising exceptional AKC registered Apricot and Red Standard Poodles, and on occasions Black Standard Poodles, since 1989.

We have bred, raised and shown some of the best and finest Apricot and Red Standard Poodle Champions in the United States including:

  • The First AKC Red Standard Poodle to be awarded a placement at the prestigious Poodle Club of America National Specialty (1996), Chelsea

  • The First AKC Red Standard Bitch Champion, Chelsea

  • The Second AKC Red Standard Dog Champion, Cello
In addition to having bred and shown these Red Standard Poodle Champions, we have the honor to have finished in the United States the following dogs out of the Bred By Exhibitor class:
  • The First AKC Apricot BBE Standard Bitch Champion, Ivy

  • The First AKC Apricot BBE Standard Dog Champion, Tru

The combination of Ivy and Tru produced our 3rd AKC Apricot BBE Standard Champion. Ivy produced our 4th AKC Apricot BBE Standard Champion as well. We are working on our 5th AKC Apricot BBE Standard Champion. She needs a major to finish her Championship.

We are recognized and sought after throughout the world due to breeding consistently well-tempered, happy, healthy and intelligent dogs not to mention for our accomplishments with our Apricot and Red Standard Poodles.

We are always eager to help mentor, to lend a helping hand, or to support anyone who wants to learn and promote Apricot and Red Standard Poodles.

We are members of the Apricot Red Poodle Club where Terry is currently the Treasurer, and John is the Secretary. We are also members of the Greater Pittsburgh Poodle club where we have served as officers for different positions throughout the past years. Terry is currently the President, and John is the current Treasurer. We were members of the Poodle Club of Long Island when we lived in New York City.

Our Goal

We are conscientious and responsible breeders that breed for the purpose of producing dogs to exhibit for ourselves, occasionally raising one or two litters per year in Apricot, Red and/or Black Standard Poodles. Our goal from the start was, and still remains, to raise healthy, happy, well-tempered, affectionate puppies that are also a good representation of the breed.

By carefully selecting bloodlines and characteristics that complement one another together with extensive pedigree research, networking and health testing we feel our puppies to be an exemplary representation of type, structure and temperament the Standard Poodle requires.

Our puppies are well-suited for conformation, all-around performance, and to be beloved pets.

Health Screening: We use the following health screening procedures: Hip Dysplasia (OFA) or (Penn Hip), CERF, vWD (Von Willebrand's Disease), SA (Sebaceous Adenitis), NE, complete Thyroid panel, and other blood tests including Addison Disease.

Our Poodles whose test results can be confirmed:

Ch Farleys D Celtic

Ch Farleys D Enchanted Magikasl

Ch Farleys D I Am Marcello

Farleys D Kelly von Shangri La

Farleys D Lady Winifred

Ch Farleys D Midnight Sun

Farleys D Noche de Bella Luna

Ch Whisperwind Farleys D Sir Quincy

Ch Farleys D Poison Ivy

Farleys D Recuerdos de Ayer

Ch Farleys D Shiloh

Ch Farleys D Truth or Consequences

Farleys D Wind in the Willows

GCH Farleys D Xanadu

Ch Farleys D Xavier

Ch Farleys D Zeta RN

GCH Farleys D BB Perfection by Design

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