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Ch Tiara Quintillion  (CHIC)

Born 5/31/87
Henry was one of our favorites from our most dreaded litter -

Ch Tiara Uther Henri is not behind any dogs of today, as it was determined early on, once his littermates and he started reproducing, that Addison's disease was going to be produced by those of this particular combination of mates (the Tiara U litter of 1987). We would love to brag about the greatness of the dogs in this litter, as they were all fantastic. It is the disease they produced in their offspring that put a halt to us utilizing any dogs coming from this mating. Henri was bred once, produced one case of Addison's and was not used at stud again. Despite the issues one must deal with concerning such a combination, his owners Bill and Betty Straub along with his breeder delighted in Henry's great style and one of a kind character. Please note the perfect timing of his diagonals in this picture (Breeder is handling).

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