Black Miniature Poodles
Tammar's Black Miniature Poodles

Mary (Shellie) Gulasey

Sterling Heights, Michigan

Phone: 586-825-0311

E-Mail: Tammarpoodles.gulasey@gmail.com

Web Site: http://poodlesattammarsplace.com

Having been in poodles for 39 years, I find my intent for my breed almost exactly the same now as at the start. Great health and temperament are first concerns and with a perfect blend of attractiveness, one hopes for show dogs, but then there are always the adorable pets that we can't keep. My puppies are all treated with the same care and maintenance regardless and our longevity of some living to near 17 bares witness. We test for all the main problems that befall our breed and don't mind showing proof, and actually am very proud to have sound body and mind in all Tammar pups. I love my breed and take my role as one of the keepers seriously, and continue to try to do NO Harm. My babes are not couch potatoes and could well survive as service dogs and all types of agility ability.

Health Screening: PRCD blood testing, OFA Hips, CERF eyes

My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed:

OFA-cerf Tammar's Why Ration Passion

Ch. Tammar's the Energizer

Ch. Tammar's Kick Brass

Ch. Tammar's Unforgettable

Tammar's Strutt On Madison Ave

Tammar's Dream Girls Dream

Ch. Tammar's He Got Game

Ch. Tammar's Constant Craving

Ch. Tammar's She's Gotta Have It At Argosy

(These are the most current, the list is too long.)

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