Debrah Kaye-Jolgren

San Diego, California

Phone: 619-468-9388

E-Mail: kayekids@gmail.com

Web Site: www.kayekids.com

I started breeding Standard Poodles and have branched out into Miniatures. I love their size and sense of joie de vivre. I specialize in Apricot and Red. My foundation sire, Karbitskayekids I Have A Dream, is of European breeding, though USA born. He is completely missing the "usual" suspects found in most American apricot/red pedigrees. So, not only is he a plus for his outcross pedigree, he stamps his beautiful face onto his puppies along with his superb temperament. I have three foundation bitches each very different from the other in make and shape and color. My red/apricot girl is Hope, Carbet Stonecreek Kayekids Highhopes. My light apricot girl is Casey, Redhaven Quesadilla at Kayekids. And my Russian import, Lilly, is a rich medium apricot color. She is Eleonora Iz Rozovyh Snov.

Health Screening: I test for Hip Dysplasia through OFA, Patellas, Legg Calf Perthe, Optigen for prcd, CERF.

My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed:

Karbitskayekids I Have A Dream CHIC

Carbet Stonecreek Kayekids Highhopes

Redhaven Quesadilla at Kayekids

Eleonora Iz Rozovyh Snov
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